Small Town Lights Up Big Time!


The 4th of July in Nashville, Tennessee was set to be one of the biggest nights of the year! Not only were we expecting one of the largest crowds ever to gather downtown for the celebration, but we were to feature more fireworks than any other display in the nation!

On July 4th it was raining in Nashville and all of Middle Tennessee. Not just a little, but a lot! All day it was raining on and off.  We had our fingers crossed, hoping for a break in the weather on Saturday evening so that fireworks would go on as planned in several different areas of town. Mother Nature was not listening, so a few of the events were rescheduled for the following evening. Downtown Nashville did proceed with their celebration on July 4th but we were not able to attend. More than 150,000 enjoyed the show.

The next day the skies eventually cleared and the sun came out! Although July 5th evening was muggy, it was dry so we decided to head out to the lovely town of Nolensville, Tennessee to catch their rescheduled fireworks show. Nolensville is a charming town about 20 miles south of Nashville. It is growing more every day but still has the friendly, down home feel. You can learn more about Nolensville by clicking on these links;

We found a spot at a quaint church right in the middle of town and settled in. IMG_4590

Since we have never been to Nolensville to watch the fireworks, we were not sure which part of the sky to watch. An older couple came and set up their belongings close by but they sat with their backs to us. Did they know something we didn’t know? Well, yes they did because once the lights were turned off in the park and the show started, and we were facing the wrong way!



I quickly got my camera turned around and caught some beautiful images I wanted to share with you. This was my first time photographing fireworks and wasn’t sure how the images would turn out, but I enjoyed it.

As we were all looking to the sky I wish I had the chance to capture some of the children’s faces as they were watching in awe.




I will have to say there was a surround sound of oohs and aahhs for the next several minutes from young and old alike.



There is nothing more precious than hearing a small child turn to their father and say, “Now these are some fireworks, Daddy!”


I myself was focused as well on the beautiful colors dancing together up above.


If you were close enough, you were able to hear a few gasps from me as I took in the bright lights that lit up the southern, dark sky. I don’t care how old you are, when you are watching the sky burst into color and hearing the booms and the bangs, you are a kid again and loving every minute of it.



The spectacular show ended too soon, but we all definitely left with a smile on our face.



Nolensville, you did a bang up job!


Next year, we hope to be back to watch this fabulous show again. But next time I will know where to sit and which direction to face. I will also remember to bring the bug spray.


Until next time-

  • I hope you spend every day, living, learning, laughing and loving life…
    while focused on Nashville (and Nolensville) and the great state of Tennessee!
    My best to you,



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