Falling Into October…At Nashville’s Riverfront Landing


You know how much I love Nashville’s own downtown Riverfront and have blogged about it several times already. Well, I have discovered another area on the Riverfront for you to explore! For those of you in Nashville who have kids on Fall Break, this would be a great place to visit this week when it won’t be very crowded.


Quoting from an article…”The riverboat landing park will bring to life a section of the riverfront in front of LP Field by constructing a new, flat upper park containing trees, green space, a plaza, moveable chairs and tables.


Pedestrian and bike pathways will connect to the Bridge Building and Cumberland Park.


It will provide new open space for temporary athletic fields, tailgating, special events, festivals and daily use as a place for recreation.”

I am in love with this park!!! It is small, but mighty in what it offers.


Nashville Riverfront Landing is part of Cumberland Park and was introduced to the Nashville community just recently.


I have not had the chance to get downtown lately to take pictures so I was giddy when I discovered this little jewel on the riverfront was finished. It was a beautiful day during the week when I was in the area with my camera, (of course) and drove over the Cumberland River. Looking over toward the Ghost Ballet I saw this new addition and had to go check it out. I parked across from the stadium and headed down to the river.


Included in this park is a grassy slope and a boat launch on the east bank of the river next to Nissan Stadium. I saw a boat at the dock and ended up talking to the owner who was walking her dog along the riverfront. The family had been cruising the Cumberland River for the past week and docked in Nashville for a few days. She told me they loved the Riverfront and were able to enjoy music, meet people, and explore the river because of this new docking area in downtown Nashville.


There is a concrete beach at the water’s edge which will be suitable for launching kayaks and canoes or dipping your toes in the water.


You can also bring the kids, a picnic lunch, and pick a spot to watch the boats as they pass by.


What I love about this new park is you can walk to the water’s edge and get such a wonderful view of downtown Nashville while listening to music across the river! You are now that close to the other side.


From the Pedestrian Bridge, you get a really cool view of the area. I took a picture of a guy fishing off of the new dock. What a great view of our Metro Courthouse, the Cumberland River and the Ghost Ballet.


After walking around the new park, I had to get one more look of it from the Pedestrian Bridge. WOW! What a view of downtown Nashville and the Riverfront!


For those of you interested in paddling the Cumberland River, Paddles Adventure Unlimited is offering a ‘Nashville Riverfront Landing Paddle and Hike’ on Saturday, October 10, from 1-6. For more information, please visit this link at


For more information on this new downtown riverfront park, please visit the following links at http://www.wsmv.com/story/23267285/mayor-announces-plans-to-redevelop-downtown-riverfront#ixzz3nT8gWsmu



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