Home for the Holidays

I love being home for the holidays! My home is Nashville, Tennessee. I was born and raised here and feel blessed to be raising my child here as well with my husband.

Even though we are having very warm weather for this time of the year, I  am glad to be celebrating Christmas in Tennessee. Maybe it is because I have never celebrated it anywhere else, maybe it is because I love where I live and could not think of celebrating anywhere else, or maybe because I am home and this is where I want to be. I want to share my ‘home for the holidays’ with you!

One of my favorite Christmas songs ever is “Tennessee Christmas” by Amy Grant. It is a sweet, beautiful song about my home state. As the song says, we may not have snow like in Denver, ‘but a tender Tennessee Christmas is the only Christmas for me.”


I had to share this picture with you first because it will make you smile and feel like a kid again. This family who lives in South Nashville has been taking all of us back to Toyland for years.


Tennessee’s State Capitol Christmas tree is a 30 foot Norway Spruce that was donated by a local resident in Nashville. The tree is decorated in red, silver and blue with Tennessee flags. It features an oversized tree topper bow, which was handmade in the state. There are more than 3,000 LED lights on the tree.

Read more: http://www.wsmv.com/story/16140187/state-christmas-tree-lighting-is-monday-evening#ixzz3vBt9rCpb


This is the beautiful Christmas tree that stands in front of the Nashville Courthouse in downtown Nashville. This tree is an evergreen: ‘a 43-foot Norway Spruce donated by Woodbine resident Cammie Miles in memory of her parents Donald and Elsie Brown. Thanks to Metro Parks, it will be propped up and decked out with 5,000 LEDs through the Christmas season,’ … The Nashville Scene.


I love this picture because it is a different view of our Nashville Christmas tree and shows our famous ‘batman building’ in the background.


Welcome to Opryland Hotel in Nashville – voted one of the ’10 Best Hotels that go all out for the Holidays’ by USA Today.


This is the Walk Through Bethlehem in the front lawn of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.


The Nativity scene is absolutely stunning and is accompanied by an audio rendition of the biblical story of the birth of Christ.


To show you how large the statues are, there is a man standing in the foreground who looks very small next to them.


Horse drawn carriage rides are available around the hotel grounds for a fee. The horses are our very own Tennessee Walking Horses and they are BIG and gorgeous!


There is no cost to enjoy the 2.3 million lights at Opryland but there is a parking fee if you park at the hotel. Many people park at the Opry Mall which is next door and walk over.


This beautiful poinsettia tree is decorated with hundreds of cream and red poinsettias.  I am glad I am not the one having to water it every day.


Walking through the Garden Observatory at this grand hotel is an event itself, but when this lush, green environment is decorated for the holidays, it is jaw dropping. You feel as if you have stepped into another world where you see magnificent, over-sized decorations, lights, ornaments, and being in Nashville- guitars!


Wouldn’t it be fun to be sitting on your hotel room balcony and seeing this view?


You would need a very large pick for this guitar.


What goes with extra large guitars hanging from the ceiling?  Giant music notes of course!


Head over to The Delta and you must spend a few minutes watching the dancing waters that change colors. One word- stunning!


IMG_7788Stand too close and you might get wet! I have a feeling you won’t mind.



The Cascades have a gorgeous Christmas tree, a meandering waterway for boat rides, and walkways with shops and restaurants.


As you sit and relax for a while, you realize why this gorgeous motel is the belle of the ball in Nashville and the grand dame of Middle Tennessee.


“Come see the Holiday LIGHTS and start a new holiday tradition with Cheekwood in 2015! For the first time ever, our gorgeous decorations will extend from the Mansion out into the gardens, setting the grounds aglow with elegant displays, dazzling views and hundreds of thousands of festive, twinkling lights. Bundle up for the prettiest winter stroll of the season!”


Seeing the trees on water makes them look magical!


These are some of the 750,00 lights at Cheekwood.


Check out the Christie Cookies Company sweet shop.


Flowers, flowers everywhere.


Some of the words used to describe the holiday lights at Cheekwood? “Magical”,”Delightful”, “Beautiful”, “Lovely”‘ “Breathtaking”


If you are in the Middle Tennessee area, you can enjoy the lights through January 3, 2016.


Franklin, Tennessee has been voted one of the best small towns in America and if you visit this charming town, you will see why.


Historic downtown Franklin is quaint, has a lot of history, beautiful architecture, eclectic shops and restaurants and a restored theater that is 78 years old. I love this picture because the sunset is reflected in the windows and they have a golden tint.


You feel as though you have stepped back in time when you walk around the square.


The storefronts are lit up and beautifully decorated for the holidays. So are the roofs.


In the middle of the square is the gorgeous Christmas tree that brings back nostalgic moments and a feel of Christmas past.


If you haven’t been to the historic square in downtown Franklin, go! There is so much to see, so many businesses and eateries  to check out and so much history to take in.


The reason for the season… Cal Turner, Jr. a Brentwood resident and former CEO of Dollar General stores shares his Christmas card with the community of Brentwood and the rest of us who are fortunate to live close to this beautiful property which is a few miles south of Nashville on Franklin Road as you head toward Franklin from Brentwood.


I shot this picture of the moon on Christmas Eve before it rose too far in the sky. It looks as if the moon is shining a spotlight on the Nativity scene.


Every year my husband, my son, our friends and family enjoy the beautiful lights, sights and scenery around Nashville, Tennessee. But I always enjoy coming back to my home sweet home where 2 little fuzzy faces await me (look closely in the window and at the front door). I celebrate this time of the year with you and wish you the gladness of Christmas which is hope,
the spirit of Christmas which is peace,
and the heart of Christmas which is love!

Merry Christmas !

Until next time…

  • I hope you spend every day, living, learning, laughing and loving life…
    while focused on Nashville and the great state of Tennessee!
    My best to you,

    *All photos in my blog, ‘Focused On Nashville’ are images I have taken. I hope you like them!

    Best,                                                                                                                           Terri

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