Nashville’s Snowmegeddon of 2016


So, I might be exaggerating a little on the ‘snowmegeddon’, but we had a doozy in Nashville just a week ago- being one of the largest snowfalls in 28 years. My neighborhood received around 8 inches which is nothing to complain about when you are wanting a beautiful snowfall with huge gorgeous flakes that fall for several hours and make it perfect for building a snowman or for sledding. Of course for me, it was perfect picture taking weather, so I wanted to share some of mine with you.


I have 4 categories in which I have divided my photos for you. Yes, I have several I must show you because here in Nashville we don’t have the opportunity to get this much snow so quickly so I was a busy bee for a few days.


As you can see, the streets were parking lots and no one was going anywhere fast…or anywhere in many cases, so for the first couple of days we chose to hang out close to home which gave me the opportunity to venture out and capture some shots.

I have to share pictures of my dogs first because they had the best time running and chasing each other. It was hard to take pictures at times because I was laughing so much~


Yes, they were running all over the yard as if their life depended on it.


It is almost as if Brody was smiling in this picture because he was so excited and happy to be playing in the snow!


Yep, this is my other furry child burying himself in the snow on the deck.


I don’t know if it is every dog, or just dogs with long fur that attract snow- but I know mine did!


This was Brody after running around in our yard. He quickly got rid of his snowballs by rolling around on our couch, our chairs, and our carpet! LOL


This is a shot I got of him with a few snowflakes on his face. He is such a beautiful dog and such a sweetie!


This is Baxter, my other baby who had a ball as well. I called them my snow dogs all weekend.


They even got to go to the infamous Pedestrian Bridge in Downtown Nashville and play in the snow and have their picture taken. You have to admit they are the perfect snowdogs!

I love birds and feed them on a regular basis when they show up in our yard. But I have to say that when it snows, our yard is blessed with beautiful cardinals…not just 2 or 3, but sometimes 15-20!


I was not able to capture all of them together, but I was able to get a few here and there landing in the trees. !



There is nothing more beautiful than to see the cardinals in the snow!


We had other visitors as well!







I also was able to capture people out and about in our neighborhood.


Snow tends to get neighbors out almost as much as a nice, sunny day.


I love this picture because not only does it show his shadow in the snow, but it is my kid watching his every step as he makes his way . It brought back memories of when he wasn’t as big as his shadow is now- out playing in the snow. Seems like yesterday, but the last time he experienced this much snow was when he had just turned 2!

I could watch the birds all day. But, after a couple of days being stuck in our neighborhood and with the streets getting better, we decided to venture out downtown.


It is so much fun to ‘people watch’ in the snow but it is more fun to take pictures of them! I thought this was so sweet. I have a feeling they were paying no attention to me taking their picture.


The sun is setting in downtown Nashville as folks make their way up Broadway.


I love this picture because it is a quiet side street at the moment with a man crossing the street with a briefcase in his hand…heading home perhaps? I love the sky, the shadows on the street and the reflection on the building!


Another romantic picture of a couple caught up in their world…headed into their winter wonderland in downtown Nashville.

Now, I want to share snow scenes of those few glorious days we had in our hometown. It was a beautiful, scenic, interesting, and wonderful few days.


The creek in our neighborhood…





The perfect Christmas tree!





Cannot get much prettier than the Pedestrian Street Bridge at sunset in downtown Nashville!


Watching the sun set on the Pedestrian Bridge and looking at the tower of the Country Music Hall of Fame in downtown Nashville.


I wanted to end this blog with a picture I took on the Downtown Pedestrian Bridge of a full moon rising over the city of Nashville. It was cold but absolutely breathtaking! I love my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee! It doesn’t matter  if it is winter, spring, summer or fall, I am blessed to call this beautiful place my home!


Until next time…

  • I hope you spend every day, living, learning, laughing and loving life…
    while focused on Nashville and the great state of Tennessee!
    My best to you,

    *All photos in my blog, ‘Focused On Nashville’ are images I have taken. I hope you like them!





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