Focused on Florida, But Just For The Week

For Spring Break we decided to head south for the week and take advantage of the warm and sunny weather in Florida. This year we stayed on the East Coast which gave us the awesome sunrises on some of the mornings we were there.471A3332

Biking on the beach was the way to go for many during this week.


Although many others preferred just to sit back, relax and enjoy the views and the sounds of the day.


However, there is something about a beach that makes you want to kick off your shoes and start walking…


and perhaps check out the waves and see how quickly they can knock you down!


What is neat about Florida is that it is not just about the beaches. We went on a river cruise and was able to see all types of birds and even alligators!


Seeing the birds in their natural environment was so cool. They paid no attention to us.


I wish I had listened to our guide a little more so I could tell you what type of birds these are, but I was too busy watching what was going on all around me.



This swampy area was full of Cypress trees instead of the Palm trees we are so used to associating with Florida and beaches.


This other part of Florida holds so much beauty. I had never seen an alligator up close so I was as excited as a child when we saw half a dozen on our journey. I am glad to have been in a boat and not the water like some people were as we floated down the river.



I cannot wait to go back to Florida for more sunrises like this one!


What a great week and what a great time we had in the sunshine state! I love visiting other places but I am always glad to get back to the great state of Tennessee to be focused on Nashville once more!

Until next time…

  • I hope you spend every day, living, learning, laughing and loving life…
    while focused on Nashville and the great state of Tennessee!
    My best to you,

    *All photos in my blog, ‘Focused On Nashville’ are images I have taken. I hope you like them!

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