Nashville Lights Make a Beautiful Night

Nashville at night… have you seen it my friend?                                                                                     It is a beautiful sight and this is when the fun begins!


I am talking about the sparkling lights that seem to be dancing just for you,


Colors of red, green, yellow, all so bright! What a city, what a view!


As you stand on the Pedestrian Bridge and watch this display,                                                         It is as if you are being beckoned to come out and play.


Taking in this spectacular sight, you take a deep breath and inhale this gorgeous night.


Looking over downtown is such a thrill,                                                                                                     Enjoying the views from above–you cannot help but get the chills!


You don’t want this night to end, you feel this is just a city you cannot get enough of.      But what a way to spend an evening, and as far as cities go, Nashville is my true love.


In today’s world where nothing is free, heading to the Pedestrian Bridge is a steal                   because of the breathtaking sights you will see,                                                                                     All I know is Nashville at night is the real deal for me!


Until next time…

  • I hope you spend every day, living, learning, laughing and loving life…
    while focused on Nashville and the great state of Tennessee!
    My best to you,

    *All photos in my blog, ‘Focused On Nashville’ are images I have taken. I hope you like them!