Welcome To The Dog Days of May


I know what you are thinking…Dog Days are associated with July and August– not May!    I will explain.

May is one of my favorite months when it comes to spending time outside.

  • The days are warm but not stinking hot
  • There are flowers blooming everywhere
  • We get to enjoy the sunshine longer each day because it sets later every night
  • The evenings are cool and refreshing
  • The birds are singing—- (Okay, I am getting a little carried away.)

During these glorious 31 days I am spending as much time outside as possible, and not wanting to think about the upcoming hot, humid, thick and sweltering days of July and August, aka the ‘dog days of summer.’  During the ‘dog days of summer’, it is tough getting me to go outside– let alone my dogs. So I decided I would take my 2 dogs outside at least 30 minutes every day in the month of May for exercise and fresh air because I know when July comes I will not want to venture out too much.

So, welcome to my dog days in May!


On one of our May day adventures we headed to the largest dog park in Nashville. It has only been open since last June, so it is still a secret to many. Two Rivers Dog Park is located next door to the Two Rivers Mansion at 3150 McGavock Pike in Donelson. It is a 20 minute drive from my neighborhood in Nippers Corner. It is close to Briley Parkway, I-24 and I-40, so it is convenient for many in the Nashville area. Heading toward Opry Mills on Briley Parkway from I-40, I exited the Two Rivers Exit (by the Wave Pool) and turned left on McGavock Pike. It is a few yards past Two Rivers Mansion on the same side of the road.


My first impression was that it is clean and a well kept area. Brody and Baxter knew the moment we turned in the parking lot that they were about to explore a new spot. How do dogs know?

This beautiful and spacious park sits on 7 acres and offers our furry friends ;

Shaded areas with large mature trees for resting and cooling offIMG_8927

Wide open spaces for frisbee play or running like the windIMG_8899

A watering area for quenching one’s thirst

A walking path all the way around the premises for humans (and dogs in our case)IMG_8905

A pavilion for the humans and pets to congregate and mingle

Benches scattered everywhere for humans to rest while watching their dogs at playIMG_8869

Mutt Mitt stations everywhere ( you have no excuse not to clean up after your furry child)IMG_8892

Large boulders for sitting in designated areas (or playing hide and seek)IMG_8904

Small wooded area in a remote corner to ‘get away’ and chillIMG_8894

and Plenty of Parking

We visited Two Rivers Dog Park during the week and it was not very crowded. I am sure it is a different story on weekends because it is one of the nicest and largest dog parks I have ever been to and I am sure others will agree.

Your dog has the space to run and play without literally running into other dogs. As a dog, there are adventures to be had, remote areas to scout out, numerous corners to sniff and wide open spaces to chase whatever happens to be in front of you. Fun will be had by all 4-legged guests and two-legged guests as well! IMG_8896

My only concern is that little dogs and big dogs are not separated in two different areas like at some other dog parks. We encountered several large dogs but they were friendly. I stayed close to my two when I saw other dogs heading our way to visit, but we had no trouble whatsoever. Their owners were close as well, so I never felt my two were threatened. I give Two Rivers Dog Park 4 out of 5 dog bones and would highly recommend it! I will definitely take the boys back soon.IMG_8882


So, since I have declared these days are the Dog Days of May, I double dog dare you to head out for 30 minutes each day while the mornings are cool, the evenings are warm and Spring is still in the air. Oh, and don’t forget to take your dog! I have a feeling you will enjoy the dog days of May much more than the dogs days of summer.

“A dog is still one of the remaining reasons why some people can be persuaded to go for a walk.” O.A. Battista

Until next time-
I hope you spend every day, living, learning, laughing and loving life…
while focused on Nashville!
My best to you,


Welcome To Your Weekend!

The song says ‘Everybody’s Working For the Weekend” and I remember those days well. I couldn’t wait until Friday at 5:00. I remember getting in my car, taking my high heels off to rest my feet for a few minutes and then starting the car and heading out to meet friends for whatever we had planned. It really didn’t matter, as long as it was the weekend.

Today I still look forward to the weekend and 5:00 P.M. still has a special place in my heart. But lately I enjoy spending many weekends at home with my husband, my son and 2 westies. We choose a night that is just for the 3 of us and we will watch a movie, (probably a Marvel movie because my son is into Marvel BIG TIME and can quote many lines from every movie)  and we will order pizza and just be together. I will cherish every moment because it won’t be long before my 14 year old makes plans with his friends every weekend. So, here’s to Iron Man and a large, cheese thin crusted pizza.

Whatever your plans are, whoever they are with and wherever you are spending them, enjoy your weekend! Remember, no matter what you are doing, “Spend time with those you love. Because one of these days you will either say I wish I had, or I’m glad I did.”


A good life is a collection of happy moments.


Until next time-
I hope you spend every day, living, learning, laughing and loving life…
while focused on Nashville!
My best to you,